New FileFactory “Data Pack” Added

I hadn’t noticed, but my normal quota of “transfer share” allocation on my account was maxed out. That quota allows non-premium FileFactory users to download at higher speeds — but when my default quota is maxed out, non-premium downloaders get the (much) slower download speeds.

I’ve added a new “data pack”, which will enable everyone who downloads from my FF account to get fast downloads.

7 thoughts on “New FileFactory “Data Pack” Added

  1. I bought a premium account at Filefactory 2 hours ago, exactly for this reason 😄 I tried to loading the “David Gilmour Pompeii 2016” and it takes nearly 10 hours to download.

    Hope that I at least do not consume your data volume and it is available for non Premium users 🤗

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  2. In my opinion, this is the second best bootlegs site that I’ve never found in the net. The first one is, of course, your PurpleHippies 🙂 Rainbow is the main reason 😉

    Nice days.


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