Additional Updates On FileFactory

I actually have two FileFactory accounts in use here at The newest downloads (those whose file names begin with “gph”) are stored on the same FF account that is used at PurpleHippies. I have always used “transfer share” and “datapacks” on that account.

I just checked the configuration of the older FF account (on which the first 105 bootlegs are stored), and I can see now why people have told me those downloads are slow.

I have just turned on “Traffic Share” on that account. I have also added a “Data Pack” to improve download performance. If you don’t have a FF premium account, and have experienced slow downloads here — that should improve now. Try again, and likely all your downloads here will be faster now.

9 thoughts on “Additional Updates On FileFactory

  1. I LOVE this site, thank you for all of these treasures! Can you confirm if a down-loader has a premium account it has no effect on the data packs you purchase? I think that would be pretty rotten of FF to use your data up for these down-loaders.


  2. This site is incredible and you are a saint for doing this work. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Havig said that, I’ve been having trouble decompressing all of the downloads so far. I keep getting error messages in WinRAR saying the “archive is either in an unknown format or damaged” for every single attempted download. Am I missing something somewhere? Thanks in advance and please keep up the great work.


    • I am sorry to hear you are having problems with the RAR files. This may be related to the version of WinRAR, since you are having issues with every download. I use WinRAR version 5.71 (64 bit). If you are using an older version, perhaps an upgrade of WinRAR would help?

      Does anyone else have any suggestions for vbc3?


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