An Oath To Share The Music Freely

From the beginning, when I began collecting “Recordings Of Independent Origin” (ROIO), I have felt as though I had taken an “Oath To Share The Music Freely”. This has been an instinct, a feeling. Something I believed in deeply. I like to think that for all of us this is true, or at least for many or most of us. Whether we began with trading cassette tapes, or later CDRs (or data DVDs of SHN or FLAC files), vines/trees, or more recently torrents and cloud-based file sharing…

I began in college, in the 1980s, collecting audience recordings on cassettes of the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia, and the New Riders Of The Purple Sage. I began as a “blanks and postage” person, since I started with nothing. But I remember getting issues of the Relix magazine every month, with people’s latest listings of what they had for trade. It was an exciting time. But every time I was able to get something via B&P (and later, via trades), I was thrilled to be able to share it with others.

The urge to share the music with others is why I do what I do today, especially at and–where I am able to share rips of new bootlegs with others. I have always said at that anyone may share the bootlegs from the site elsewhere, without any limitations.

I am saddened somewhat by the conflict that exists between me and at least some at Yeeshkul!. Really, I just want an acknowledgement, some small thanks for what I am doing, before these people take what I am sharing and post it elsewhere. That is all I have every desired.

Strangely, what seems to have provoked the latest “conflict” (banning me again from Yeeshkul!), was the following statement which I have added to each new info file at my

Notice: You are welcome to repost this bootleg at other sites.
The only thing I ask is that you take the time to say thank you
here at before sharing this bootleg at other sites.

The weird thing is that the current situation makes me feel like I should be doing more, such as posting these bootlegs at DIME and The Traders Den. And perhaps I will…

8 thoughts on “An Oath To Share The Music Freely

  1. I admire your passion, dedication, commitment and generosity to be doing such a commendable activity.
    You do not pursue profit, your action is only to bring music to those who value it as much as you.
    When a person like you tries to promote values ​​such as generosity and solarity, by sharing materials that for many of us are extremely difficult to acquire, what he should receive in return is gratitude and blessings.
    I reiterate my absolute support and infinite gratitude for everything that I receive from you disintegrantly.
    Please, take care of yourself.
    I send you a solidarity hug.
    Héctor Cervantes, from Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl, state of Mexico.

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  2. Hi Buddy, thank you for all your work in posting these shows. As a long time collector and also a member at Y I am very sorry to hear the way you have been treated. I have always found the Pink Floyd community very generous and helpful (unlike some other communities I won’t name) Please keep up the great work. It is really appreciated. Cheers Ian

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  3. I think DIME and TTD will welcome you with open arms! They clearly respect all the silver cds from Japanese labels over there than on Y! Thanks again for your hard work.

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  4. I’ve been collecting live recordings for ages myself. I have never understood the nonsense that some people resorted to like deliberately messing with the sound quality of a recording or mutilating complete recordings – so they presumably were able to say their version was the only untarnished one. I thought dime, ttd etc. were a great step forward with people striving to present the best-possible recording and sharing it freely. But it certainly doesn’t always work like that. I hate that elitist approach that some people still have. On the other hand I admire the generosity with which you share releases that you paid lots of money for. Of course, bootleggers pick up stuff from torrenting sites etc. and earn money from that, which is despicable, especially if they don’t care about the quality of their releases. Having said that, some of those releases represent the best versions of a particular show. I don’t understand what people blame you for. But your reaction is classy. Thanks again for everything.

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  5. I only have words of thanks for you. I am going to confess something, you once published about 10 photos with Whitesnake Bootlegs and I am always about to write to you if you can upload the ones that you did not upload from those photos, and I must confess that it gives me a bit of shame since you share.
    I say again that thank you very much and a huge hug from Argentina

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  6. Thanks for sharing these boots including the artwork and checksum files. I’ve done it and I know it takes a great deal of care and time. I appreciated those collectors in the past who shared when I had nothing as you pointed out. I do appreciate the YES material as well.

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  7. For what it’s worth, I really like your current situation of not issuing these on the DIME website. I like coming here, it’s a nice little community. I’m on the DIME a good bit, but lately it’s just “remastered” this and “remastered” that … people with no clue on how to properly master a show to begin with completely destroying these nice releases. I find it annoying that when some hack “remasters” one they issue it with the EXACT same artwork which completely kills proper lineage. That might not mean anything to anyone else, but it does to me. I love your site and hope you stay business as usual.


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