Requests Thread

For a limited time (like next 3-4 days), feel free to make requests in the comments for this post. I will do my best to post requests during the next week. (My only constraint is to stay ‘on topic’; no criticism intended, but no Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, etc.)

Also, I plan to order both new Sigma releases soon: the Seattle 1975 and The Wall Flat Transfer. I will be posting the Seattle 1975 bootleg, but not the ‘The Wall – Flat Transfer’ (seems like blatant official content).

31 thoughts on “Requests Thread

  1. I’m really happy& appreciative with anything you kindly post, although if I could possibly request any more really great sounding Waters & Gilmour solo from 1984 that would be fantastic please.


  2. Emerson, Lake & Palmer – 1972.03.22 Long Beach “Abaddon’s Trilogy (Virtuoso)”
    Asia – 1982.05.13 Detroit (good audience recording)


  3. Firstly thank you for your work here.
    Unbelievable !
    My request –
    Pink Floyd The Wall 25.02.80 Recorder 1 Master.
    A much over looked gem, with tapers monologue at the end of the show.


  4. Anything you post is welcome. I would ask you please, if you have it, KQED Studios – An Hour With Pink Floyd 1970-04-29 – Sigma 26. Greetings


  5. Hi .
    Congratulations on this wonderful website.
    Would it be possible to add more concerts of Ozzy Osbourne “No Rest for the Wicked” Tour 1988/89?
    Thank you very much


  6. Pink Floyd:
    1969 03 27 Saint James Hall, Chesterfield, England
    1969 12 06 Festival of Progressive, Port Talbot Wales
    1970-03-12 Hamburg, Germany
    1970-03-15 Niedersachsen Halle Hannover, Germany
    1970 09 12 Fête De L’Humanité, Parc Des Vincennes, Paris, France

    Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie!!!!!!!!!!


  7. While i don’t have any specific requests, I’m certainly appreciative of any Queen that you would like to upload. As always thanks heaps for all you do.


  8. Once again thank you for your two beautiful and incredible sites and a huge hug from Argentina.
    As for what I would like the most are more bootlegs from Asia (With Wetton or with Paine) and Whitesnake
    PS If one day you decide to visit Argentina, it will be an honor for me to act as a tour guide.


  9. Thanks for share your collection here!
    My requests:
    Pink Floyd ‎– Wish You Were Here / Animals Outtakes: The Original Cassette Tapes Transfer [Sigma 165]
    Roger Waters ‎– Newport Folk Festival 2015 [Sigma 135]
    Roger Waters ‎– Us + Them : Dress Rehearsals 2017 [Sigma 182]
    Pink Floyd ‎– Definitive Melbourne 1988 [Sigma 231]


  10. I have a few so bear with me.
    1. Pink Floyd – Aphrodite 1971 Archives (Sigma 220)
    2. ELP – Rome & Milan 1973 (No Label)
    3. Any Genesis Lamb show from Virtuoso or Sirene (74-75)
    4. Any Floyd Wall show from Sirene or Sigma (80-81)

    Hopefully this isn’t too much to ask for. Thanks!


  11. Shame about the Maiden. Many of the boots need liberation and are not available elsewhere, whereas the PF recordings are largely freely available from the original source in better or same quality.


  12. Someone already mentioned wanting some more Wall shows, so my only request, if possible, is for some more shows from the last six years of King Crimson’s live performances.

    Thanks again for everything that you’ve done so far.


  13. Thank you, i really appreciate your generosity. Would you have any early Wardour Queen from 1973 specifically Liverpool, Oxford, Glasgow and Bristol and from 1974 Rainbow, Providence, Portland and Sheffield. Any of these would be fantastic. Thank you in advance.


  14. Well, it’s not really the right place, but I would like to get the DP show at Quebec in 1972 with Randy California that has apparently been released. I like so many of the bands that you have presented here that I’m happy with what you have to offer. It’s a kid-in-the-candy-store situation for me. So, I’m happy without voicing any other requests. What you do is greatly appreciated.


  15. Thank you for your wonderful work.
    My request is below
    Pink Floyd Aphrodete 1971 Remaster (3CD) Aug.6 1971 Sigma210
    Pink Floyd Zurich 1972 Matrix (2CD) Dec. 9 1972 Sigma 212
    Pink Floyd Definitive Yoyogi Olympic Pool 1998 (6CD) March 4,5&6 1988 Sigma216
    Pink Floyd Montreux 1970 Day 1 Recorder 2&3 New Transfer (2CD) Nov. 21 1970 Sigma235
    Pink Floyd Montreux 1970 Day 1 Recorder 1 New Transfer (2CD) Nov. 21 1970 Sigma239
    Thank you again!!!


  16. Hi!!!.
    For my part, I would like to take advantage of this thread, not to ask for something special, but to thank you for your generously shared work both here and at PH.
    Again thank you very much!!!
    Edy, from Argentina

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  17. Couple more Sigma if you could please –
    Stafford 1977 Sigma 91
    Boston 1975: Unprocessed Hopkins Master – Sigma 86
    Thanks again for all your hard work !!


  18. Muchísimas gracias por tratar de complacer nuestros deseos musicales. De antemano, te agradezco una vez más.

    Pink Floyd – Assorted Lunatics ‎(6xCD) (Sigma 40) 2009

    Pink Floyd – Osaka Triple ‎(3xCD) (Sigma 44) 2009

    Pink Floyd – Signs Of Lives ‎(6xCD) (Sigma 54) 2010

    Pink Floyd – March Of The Dambusters: Definitive Edition ‎(4xCD) (Sigma 87) 2013

    Pink Floyd – The Great Gig In The Budokan ‎(6xCD) (Sigma 88) 2013

    Pink Floyd – Aphrodite 1971 ‎(5xCD) (Sigma 194) 2017

    Pink Floyd – Definitive Montreux 1971 ‎(4xCD) (Sigma 144) 2015

    Pink Floyd – Definitive Yoyogi Olympic Pool 1988 ‎(6xCD) (Sigma 216) 2018


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