New FF Data Pack Added

I’ve just added a new (small) data pack to my FileFactory account. I have a “LifeTime” FileFactory account–there is never a need to “renew” or “refresh” my account, per se. But Data Packs enable people who are *not* Premium FileFactory members to get fast downloads.

You can think of this as a way for FF to get “LifeTime” members to pay “rent”.

But that said, I bought only a small-ish Data Pack this time. I admit that I am spending money on classical music for *myself* right now, and not so much on bootlegs and sharing stuff on my blogs.

As long time readers of my blogs know, I *do* try to stay on top of this–and generally renew my “datapacks” when needed. And I intend to continue to do so.

11 thoughts on “New FF Data Pack Added

  1. Thank You Purple Hippie for all that you do in both time and money. But, I think it’s high time that I buy a premium membership on FF myself and not abuse your gracious generosity. Cheers

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  2. You where proud topic of conversation as I shared appreciation of your generosity to my loved one as a benchmark of why I am so grateful for what you do…


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