Asia 1982.10.19 Milano 1982 (Amity 382)

Milano 1982
Amity 382

Teatro Tenda Lampugnano
Milano, Italy

Audience recording

Original bootleg discs -> EZ CD Audio Converter -> FLAC level 5
Ripped and shared by

101 Intro
102 Time Again
103 Wildest Dreams
104 Without You
105 Mood For A Day
106 Ram
107 Clap
108 The Four Seasons
109 Midnight Sun
110 Only Time Will Tell
111 One Step Closer
112 The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
201 Cutting It Fine
202 Keyboard Solo
203 Here Comes The Feeling
204 Drum Solo – Here Comes The Feeling (Reprise)
205 Sole Survivor
206 Heat Of The Moment

Download from FileFactory:

Date prepared: 2021.09.28

3 thoughts on “Asia 1982.10.19 Milano 1982 (Amity 382)

  1. Welcome back from your break, which I hope was enjoyable. Thanks for starting to post some great music again. I know you have some catching up to do (PINK FLOYD), as a lot of new music has been released over the summer (PINK FLOYD). But I am grateful and appreciative of all the music posted here and I patiently await everything new that you have to post (PINK FLOYD). THANKS


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