In Summary

I have a lot of music to share, which I can share, and which I believe that many will enjoy and appreciate.

For me, it does not have to include Pink Floyd bootlegs, and for now it does not.

Everything is impermanent. Maybe that will change at some point, but today this is how it is.

2 thoughts on “In Summary

  1. At the end of the day, you decide that best works for you. I for one respect this. I also, truly appreciate all you share here and continuously thank you. I do hope though, that bulling, and intimidation was not a factor behind your decision as there is ZERO tolerance today for this kind of behaviour. Take care and again, Thanks.


  2. The issue with these bootlegs is that if they are directly sourced from stuff that has lineage, then it just causes confusion when people who care try to figure out which version of a show to get. Ideally, a note could be added to tell people what the source audio is if it is known.

    But I realize the Gullveig may not have time to go through everything and figure out if the bootleg comes from something with known lineage. It’s not really his fault per se. And there is absolutely no sense in being personally offended when people point this stuff out.

    I would much rather have stuff with the lineage information – I resort to true bootlegs when I don’t think there is anything else available or its somehow the lowest gen source/master. For Pink Floyd stuff, changes are the bootleg is sourced from something with known lineage. For ELP, it seems like a lot of recordings just don’t have lineage and the bootlegs that are being shared here are often upgrades.

    In summary, I think what Gullveig is doing is a net positive and I appreciate it, but is not without problems.


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