Led Zeppelin 1973.05.28 Beautiful Reciprocal Arrangement (Wendy 242/243)

Led Zeppelin
Beautiful Reciprocal Arrangement
Wendy (WECD 242/243)

Sports Arena
San Diego, CA

Soundboard recording

Original bootleg discs -> EZ CD Audio Converter -> FLAC level 5
Ripped and shared by Gullveig.org

101 Tuning
102 Rock & Roll
103 Celebration Day
104 Black Dog
105 Over The Hills And Far Away
106 Misty Mountain Hop
107 Since I’ve Been Loving You
108 No Quarter
109 The Song Remains The Same
110 The Rain Song
111 Dazed And Confused (coda only)
201 Moby Dick
202 Stairway To Heaven
203 Heartbreaker
204 Whole Lotta Love
205 The Ocean

Download from FileFactory: https://www.filefactory.com/file/3hx9f15sofwk/gph0232.rar

Date prepared: 2021.10.04

10 thoughts on “Led Zeppelin 1973.05.28 Beautiful Reciprocal Arrangement (Wendy 242/243)

  1. Unbelievable! The first Zeppelin bootleg since April 2020! I am very grateful that you are back 🙂 I’ve really missed your blogs these past few months.

    Thank you so much for this Wendy Bootleg! Where I just read the inlay, I would be happy if you have the Wendy Bootleg “Sunset Boulevard” from 1977-06-25 and could post it.

    May I ask you why you stopped using zoso.me for Zeppelin bootlegs?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you! I was just binging on ’73 shows, comparing versions when you kindly share a new Wendy. Music music music!


  3. Brilliant, I’ve never heard this before. Thank you so much. We are all so grateful for all your so generous shares.


  4. Oh, you’re online !!! Don’t forget about the browser cache before deleting my messages =) You are not a bad person, but a terrible psycho with memory loss. It’s not funny to me, it’s sad. Learn to control yourself


  5. In the war you declared, Yeeshkul won, and you do not know how to lose. You only know how to admire yourself Find yourself a definition.


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