“The Vow”

Early this year I wrote a post, admittedly in frustration over an unpleasant interaction with a Yeeshkul! moderator. Pavel mentioned this post in his comments–though he was quite negative about it. The post was entitled “An Oath To Share The Music Freely”. It is still on the blog: https://gullveig.org/2021/01/15/an-oath-to-share-the-music-freely/.

Despite the frustration behind the post, it is still a fairly good statement of why I share music on my websites.

Passion for music is why I am still here and doing what I do…

Re: Comments

Expect tighter moderation of comments at Gullveig.org, beginning tonight. This is a temporary measure.

“Pavel” has had opportunity to express his view, but this is enough.

I hope it will not be necessary to turn off discussion completely.

Yes 1979.04.20 Tormato The Edge (Amity 036)

Tormato The Edge
Amity 036

Maple Leaf Gardens
Toronto, Canada

Audience recording

Original bootleg discs -> EZ CD Audio Converter -> FLAC level 5
Ripped and shared by Gullveig.org

101 Intro – Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
102 Siberian Khatru
103 Heart Of The Sunrise
104 Future Times – Rejoice
105 Circus Of Heaven
106 Time And A Word
107 Long Distance Runaround – Survival
108 The Fish – Survival
109 Perpetual Change
110 Soon
111 I’ve Seen All Good People
112 Clap
201 And You And I
202 Wakeman Solo
203 Close To The Edge
204 Tour Song
205 Starship Trooper
206 Roundabout

Download from FileFactory: https://www.filefactory.com/file/76mkkhetukca/gph0238.rar

Date prepared: 2021.10.07

Led Zeppelin 1973.07.17 Performed Live In Seattle (Wendy WECD 207/208/209)

Led Zeppelin
Performed Live In Seattle
Wendy (WECD 207/208/209)

Seattle Center Coliseum
Seattle, WA

Original bootleg discs -> EZ CD Audio Converter -> FLAC level 5
Ripped and shared by Gullveig.org

Soundboard recording
101 Introduction
102 Rock And Roll
103 Celebration Day
104 Black Dog
105 Over The Hills And Far Away
106 Misty Mountain Hop
107 Since I’ve Been Loving You
108 No Quarter
201 The Song Remains The Same
202 Rain Song
203 Dazed And Confused
204 Stairway To Heaven

Audience recording
301 Moby Dick
302 Heartbreaker
303 Whole Lotta Love
304 The Ocean

Download from FileFactory: https://www.filefactory.com/file/63vng6o5xb54/gph0237.rar

Date prepared: 2021.10.07