Yes 2014.11.28 Definitive Nagoya 2014 (Virtuoso 224/225)

Definitive Nagoya 2014
Virtuoso 224/225

Zepp Nagoya
Nagoya, Japan

Audience recording

Original bootleg discs -> EZ CD Audio Converter -> FLAC level 5
Ripped and shared by

101 The Young Person’s Guide To The Orchestra
102 Close To The Edge
103 And You And I
104 Siberian Khatru
105 Chris Squire Introduction
106 Believe Again
107 Jon Davison Introduction
108 The Game
201 Steve Howe Introduction
202 Roundabout
203 Cans And Brahms
204 We Have Heaven
205 South Side Of The Sky
206 Five Percent For Nothing
207 Long Distance Runaround
208 The Fish
209 Mood For A Day
210 Heart Of The Sunrise
211 I’ve Seen All Good People
212 Owner Of A Lonely Heart

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Date prepared: 2021.10.11

2 thoughts on “Yes 2014.11.28 Definitive Nagoya 2014 (Virtuoso 224/225)

  1. Thanks a lot for the last 2 Yes Bootlegs! Great sounding! Especially hearing on this recording what a great bass player Chris Squire was. Gone way too soon …

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