Yes 1991.06.28 Amazing Wembley (Windmill 001)

Amazing Wembley
Windmill 001

Wembley Arena
London, UK

Audience recording

Original bootleg discs -> EZ CD Audio Converter -> FLAC level 5
Ripped and shared by

101 Firebird Suite
102 Yours Is No Disgrace
103 Rhythm Of Love
104 Shock To The System
105 Heart Of The Sunrise
106 Clap
107 Mood For A Day
108 Clap (Reprise)
109 Make It Easy – Owner Of A Lonely Heart
110 And You And I
111 Drum Duet
112 Changes
201 I’ve Seen All Good People
202 Solly’s Beard
203 Long Distance Runaround
204 Whitefish – Amazing Grace
205 Lift Me Up
206 Rick Wakeman Solo
207 Awaken
208 Roundabout

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Date prepared: 2021.10.18

4 thoughts on “Yes 1991.06.28 Amazing Wembley (Windmill 001)

  1. Every once in a while you share a real gem for Yes that I don’t have. This is one of those cases. Thanks a lot.

    I was suspicious about whether this was actually the show from 1991-06-29. Some of that show was recorded professionally for the Westwood One superstar concert series. There’s also a pretty good audience recording for it which I recently speed corrected (perhaps the same person taping it as this?). But what you’ve shared here does indeed appear to be a different show and actually from 1991-06-28.

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