Yes 1976.06.19 Vital Force (Windmill 068)

Vital Force
Windmill 068

Colt Park
Hartford, CT

Audience recording

Original bootleg discs -> EZ CD Audio Converter -> FLAC level 5
Ripped and shared by

101 Introduction
102 Apocalypse
103 Siberian Khatru
104 Sound Chaser
105 I’ve Seen All Good People
106 Gates Of Delirium
201 Long Distance Runaround
202 Moraz Solo
203 Clap
204 Harp Solo
205 Heart Of The Sunrise
206 Ritual

Download from FileFactory:

Date prepared: 2021.10.22

4 thoughts on “Yes 1976.06.19 Vital Force (Windmill 068)

  1. Thanks for sharing to allow me to compare. This appears to be identical to the PRRP 040 remaster. Probably for the best that the bootleg didn’t edit this because PRRP already did a good job I think.


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