New FF Data Pack Added, and My Return

A quick update tonight:

I have just purchased a new 5 TB data pack on my FileFactory account — which means that FF downloads from my site will be faster, for the foreseeable future.

I will return to posting actively, at least for now.

I mentioned my parents health problems earlier this year. Overall, I am not sure that things have really changed. For my dad, his situation has not changed. My mom and her cancer, well, we hope that things have improved, with surgery and various treatments she has undergone this year.

But at least for the moment, I am going to return to posting bootlegs here (and at Purple Hippies).

9 thoughts on “New FF Data Pack Added, and My Return

  1. I’m truly wishing that your parents find peace and comfort going forward. I too have experienced this with my parents and it’s a really difficult thing. My thoughts go out to you!


  2. I wish you & your parent all the very best and that they can sucesfully solve their health problems. Thanks you very much for sharing your music.
    Greetings from Spain.


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