Next Steps

There will be more cloud drives of Pink Floyd recordings. As many here know, the “place that must not be named” is being shutdown by its owner at the end of February. I want to help keep the recordings from that site accessible on the internet, and during the next few weeks I will be uploading more Pink Floyd to cloud drives on

The collection I shared last night was begun weeks ago. As you will have seen, I have been a following a cataloging scheme that assigns two ids to each recording: a sequence number (of my own), and the thread id from Yeeshkul for the associated torrent at that site.

With yesterday’s announcement, I will modifying cataloging, and dropping the Yeeshkul thread ids. Referencing the Yeeshkul thread number seemed useful both as a unique id for the source, and as a way to tie back to information and discussion at Y! related to the source—but doing so no longer is feasible.

Right now, I want to get the music uploaded to the cloud more rapidly, so the uploads will often be just the raw directory names as they were in the original torrents. But eventually I hope to have everything cataloged with a reference number, as in the folder I shared yesterday.

And yes, this likely means that there will continue to be a “pause” on posting new bootlegs for a bit.

3 thoughts on “Next Steps

  1. I looked at what you uploaded yesterday and the scope of what you are doing is absolutely amazing. Mind you, this might just take a little while. Here’s an understatement. I’m awed.


  2. As a fan and follower of your efforts, what can I do to help? Donate? Help with sharing files? You name it and I’ll do my best for you. Thanks for sharing all you do with everyone here.


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