Another Cloud Drive Share (David Gilmour recordings)

Here is another cloud drive at, consisting of 200 recordings, mostly older David Gilmour sources from Yeeshkul. (These are from the early days of Yeeshkul.)

I am working on some other collections of sources from Yeeshkul!:

  • A collection of 1500 sources shared by Nipote over the years at Y!. This will be the next share–probably early next week.
  • A collection of ~900 liberated bootlegs from Y!–all of the Sigma, Sirene, Amity, etc. shared at that site.
  • A collection of the complete Roger Waters video sources from Y!
  • A collection of ~1500 Roger Waters audio sources from Y!

And, yes, I do intend to return to my “real work” of sharing new bootlegs here soon.

2 thoughts on “Another Cloud Drive Share (David Gilmour recordings)

  1. Thanks for all of the thoughtful and timely shares. If you end up joining our new server at, please send me a DM (aybesea)


  2. I would like to know if you have the complete tour of 1975-1977-1994 with all multiple sources and recordings. thanks greetings from venezuela


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