Cafe K.A.O.S.

I have set up a new blog site for sharing Pink Floyd ROIO: Cafe K.A.O.S.

Here at Gullveig, I share only bootlegs that I physically own. At Cafe K.A.O.S. I am sharing ROIO from other sites (primarily from Yeeshkul, which closed yesterday). The intention of this site is to extend the availability of these ROIO to those who can’t use torrents (or prefer download from cloud file sharing services like–and to help keep available online the music that was previously available at Yeeshkul.

My project to share recordings from Yeeshkul via cloud drives is, in effect, moving to Cafe K.A.O.S.

About the name of the new site: it reflects both my long time affection for Roger Waters’ Radio K.A.O.S. album, and the fact that I consider myself to be part of the “younger generation” of Pink Floyd fans sharing ROIO on the web.

I would also recommend the new site Raving And Drooling, which is the successor to Right now it is mainly a discussion forum, but they are in the process of implementing both a means of sharing music and an archive of the posts from Yeeshkul. My impression is that they will (most likely) share music via torrents.