Potential Additional Download Method

As some who follow my site know, RavingAndDrooling.com (the successor to Yeeshkul) has adopted DHT torrents (aka tracker-less torrents) as their mechanism to share music. I gave this a try today, sharing one of the bootlegs from Gullveig at the R&D site.

I am considering this as an additional download method to use here and at PurpleHippies.com. “Take downs” by FileFactory and mega.nz have always been an issue, and tracker-less torrents would avoid that problem. That would be one way to ensure that the Sigma bootlegs I posted today could remain available even if FF and/or mega take down these bootlegs.

Any comments on this would be welcome. Particularly if you have had problems with tracker-less torrents.

Note: I would continue to post all new bootlegs at FileFactory and mega.nz as well.

10 thoughts on “Potential Additional Download Method

  1. The repost of “Wall In Progress” Sigma release was intended as a trial run for sharing bootlegs via DHT torrents. But it looks like attaching a torrent file to a WordPress post is not possible. Sigh. I have, however, included a magnet uri in that post.


      • I just figured out what I was doing wrong!

        magnet:? was on the line above what I thought was the link, so I did NOT cut and paste starting there. I started on the next line down. Don’t know if this anyone else’s issues or not. Worked fine once I cut and pasted the whole thing.


      • Excellent! Glad it working for you now. I’m not happy with how the magnet is formatted/displayed, but I haven’t figured out how to make it less confusing.


      • Is it possible to break the entire magnet link so that it is over, say maybe 3 or four
        short lines, instead of one long link? Since it is a cut and paste, I don’t think this would affect anything and then no issues missing part of the link?


  2. The magnet URI does work for downloading both to a qBitTorrent client and to a seedbox. Unfortunately, it is necessary to include the magnet uri as text in the post, rather than as a link — as WordPress mangles the URL, resulting in a ‘url not found’ page.


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