New Download Method: Magnets for DHT Torrents

This weekend’s experiment with magnets and DHT torrents seems to have been successful, so I will introduce this is an additional option for downloading bootlegs at this site. I will also introduce this at Purple Hippies and (perhaps later) at Cafe KAOS.

Thanks very much to Andrew and Henry for explaining to other readers at this site on how to use this download method! Your help is very much appreciated.

Some sites that use DHT tracker-less torrents provide the torrent file as an attachment on their web page. Due to restrictions on supported file types here at WordPress, I am not able to do this. Therefore I will use magnet links, as has been done with the initial three bootlegs where I have introduced this download method.

For some bootlegs, where “take downs” by and/or FileFactory are likely, the magnet links may be the only download method offered. (The two DSOTM Sigma bootlegs that I posted on Saturday have already been taken down by For now, these two downloads are still available on FileFactory — in addition to the magnet torrent link.)

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