New Download Method: Magnets for DHT Torrents

This weekend’s experiment with magnets and DHT torrents seems to have been successful, so I will introduce this is an additional option for downloading bootlegs at this site. I will also introduce this at Purple Hippies and (perhaps later) at Cafe KAOS.

Thanks very much to Andrew and Henry for explaining to other readers at this site on how to use this download method! Your help is very much appreciated.

Some sites that use DHT tracker-less torrents provide the torrent file as an attachment on their web page. Due to restrictions on supported file types here at WordPress, I am not able to do this. Therefore I will use magnet links, as has been done with the initial three bootlegs where I have introduced this download method.

For some bootlegs, where “take downs” by and/or FileFactory are likely, the magnet links may be the only download method offered. (The two DSOTM Sigma bootlegs that I posted on Saturday have already been taken down by For now, these two downloads are still available on FileFactory — in addition to the magnet torrent link.)

Potential Additional Download Method

As some who follow my site know, (the successor to Yeeshkul) has adopted DHT torrents (aka tracker-less torrents) as their mechanism to share music. I gave this a try today, sharing one of the bootlegs from Gullveig at the R&D site.

I am considering this as an additional download method to use here and at “Take downs” by FileFactory and have always been an issue, and tracker-less torrents would avoid that problem. That would be one way to ensure that the Sigma bootlegs I posted today could remain available even if FF and/or mega take down these bootlegs.

Any comments on this would be welcome. Particularly if you have had problems with tracker-less torrents.

Note: I would continue to post all new bootlegs at FileFactory and as well.

Cafe K.A.O.S.

I have set up a new blog site for sharing Pink Floyd ROIO: Cafe K.A.O.S.

Here at Gullveig, I share only bootlegs that I physically own. At Cafe K.A.O.S. I am sharing ROIO from other sites (primarily from Yeeshkul, which closed yesterday). The intention of this site is to extend the availability of these ROIO to those who can’t use torrents (or prefer download from cloud file sharing services like–and to help keep available online the music that was previously available at Yeeshkul.

My project to share recordings from Yeeshkul via cloud drives is, in effect, moving to Cafe K.A.O.S.

About the name of the new site: it reflects both my long time affection for Roger Waters’ Radio K.A.O.S. album, and the fact that I consider myself to be part of the “younger generation” of Pink Floyd fans sharing ROIO on the web.

I would also recommend the new site Raving And Drooling, which is the successor to Right now it is mainly a discussion forum, but they are in the process of implementing both a means of sharing music and an archive of the posts from Yeeshkul. My impression is that they will (most likely) share music via torrents.

Another Cloud Drive Share (David Gilmour recordings)

Here is another cloud drive at, consisting of 200 recordings, mostly older David Gilmour sources from Yeeshkul. (These are from the early days of Yeeshkul.)

I am working on some other collections of sources from Yeeshkul!:

  • A collection of 1500 sources shared by Nipote over the years at Y!. This will be the next share–probably early next week.
  • A collection of ~900 liberated bootlegs from Y!–all of the Sigma, Sirene, Amity, etc. shared at that site.
  • A collection of the complete Roger Waters video sources from Y!
  • A collection of ~1500 Roger Waters audio sources from Y!

And, yes, I do intend to return to my “real work” of sharing new bootlegs here soon.

Next Steps

There will be more cloud drives of Pink Floyd recordings. As many here know, the “place that must not be named” is being shutdown by its owner at the end of February. I want to help keep the recordings from that site accessible on the internet, and during the next few weeks I will be uploading more Pink Floyd to cloud drives on

The collection I shared last night was begun weeks ago. As you will have seen, I have been a following a cataloging scheme that assigns two ids to each recording: a sequence number (of my own), and the thread id from Yeeshkul for the associated torrent at that site.

With yesterday’s announcement, I will modifying cataloging, and dropping the Yeeshkul thread ids. Referencing the Yeeshkul thread number seemed useful both as a unique id for the source, and as a way to tie back to information and discussion at Y! related to the source—but doing so no longer is feasible.

Right now, I want to get the music uploaded to the cloud more rapidly, so the uploads will often be just the raw directory names as they were in the original torrents. But eventually I hope to have everything cataloged with a reference number, as in the folder I shared yesterday.

And yes, this likely means that there will continue to be a “pause” on posting new bootlegs for a bit.

A Pink Floyd Cloud Drive

I have created a cloud drive (at of Pink Floyd and related solo recordings. Here is the link:

There are over 500 sources (and over 1TB) on the cloud drive. But this is very much a work in progress. This is probably only 1/20 (or less?) of what is out there…

All credit to the tapers and those who have shared these recordings on the ‘net. And indeed, those who have created and administered the torrent sites where these have been shared by others also have my gratitude.